An artist sensitive to details, Linda McNeil creates her artwork with a realistic or graphic style that is very crisp and/or detailed. Her palette is a kaleidoscope of colors that mingle together with delicate hues and subtle color shades to create unique “happenings”.


Her works range in size from 1"x1" to larger sheets (32"x40") and from two dimensional to threedimensional interpretive works. The miniature books and larger works have a unique appeal in their presentation. She is frequently inspired to create the natural beauty in miniature and to recreate nostalgic glimpses of history through the buildings and landscapes in historic areas.


The artist says, “I like to anticipate the magical happenings between myself and my artwork. I never get bored, because I know that I will never be able to recreate all the subconscious visions and interpretations that I have stored away in my mind. Creating works of art is poetic. The creativity that I can have by manipulating brushes, paper, engraving tools, various types of plates and color variations makes each work of art seem like a “happy accident”. These “happenings” will preserve for the future treasures of present and past.”


Linda’s latest venture has incorporated all of her skills as artist, printmaker, book artist, papermaker, and graphic designer. These artscapes, as Linda calls them, are created to present a visually appealing piece that will evoke emotions from the viewer. They are dramatic and illusionary in their impact on the viewer. The colors and patterns throughout the artscapes create the interaction with the viewers.


Her studio is on Glendale Road in Exton, Pa. She has studied with various artists during her career. Her work can be located in many shops and galleries in the local area. Anyone delighting in the rustic qualities of historic buildings will be intrigued with Linda’s work because she likes to paint every little crack and crevasse. Currently she is also creating a series of miniature books and artist books. You can view her web site at www.brushcolor.com for digital images of her works.


The resume of Linda’s life/career is truly multi-faceted. To get a good description you would have to blend a lively family life, an enthusiasm for sports, a consuming interest in books and their creation, a love for the free-flowing aspects of watercolor and papermaking, the detail of pen and ink drawings, the subtleties of etchings, the challenge of creating a scene in miniature, a fondness for recreating nostalgic glimpses of history, and the dynamics of large graphical artscapes.


Linda has exhibited her work in national and international juried shows. Her one women shows have been well received and her artwork can be found in private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe, and such places as Japan, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut, Majorca, and Madagascar to name a few.




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